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MAGIX™ Whiteboard Cleaner, 100ml

You’ll never use another whiteboard cleaner again!

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  • MAGIX™ Whiteboard Cleaner is the most advanced whiteboard cleaner available
  • Designed for regular use on ALL standard whiteboard surfaces and, with unique STAYCLEAN conditioning ingredient, you board will stay clean for longer
  • No ghosting! No smudging! No ink residue left behind!
  • Removes permanent marker and ballpen ink EASILY
  • You’ll never use another whiteboard cleaner again!

The Show-me® MAGIX™ is the most advances whiteboard cleaner available. It’s suitable for use on all standard whiteboard surfaces from individual boards, to large wall mounted ones and, with MAGIX™’s unique STAYCLEAN conditioning ingredient all your boards will stay clean for longer. With MAGIX™ you can say goodbye to ghosting, smudging and ink residue that regular cleaners leave behind all while leaving a silky clean surface that makes writing easy and neat. You can write on your board with whatever you like too because MAGIX™ will remove even permanent markers and ballpens EASILY! You’ll never use another cleaner again!

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