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Who are Show-me?

A global brand of mini whiteboards and accessories

That increase interaction, engagement and learning across the curriculum.

Our range of mini whiteboards is a sustainable alternative to using space in notebooks or endless reams of paper in the classroom, saving budget and reducing environmental impact. 

The core range of plain, lined and gridded mini whiteboards mimics the layout of student workbooks, but with the added benefit of no haunting mistakes. Errors can simply be ‘wiped away’ and the student can try again; increasing confidence and reducing waste. There are 35+ designs available too, so no need to print multiple templates from the internet as each board can be used time and time again. 

Show-me drywipe pens are the leading educational pen in the UK market but are tried and tested by thousands of schools around the globe. Each pen has been designed for use by small hands in the busy classroom, and benefits from: a slim barrel with easy fit lid that is easy for children to use, an extra-hard nib that will not easily splay out, and nib-stop that prevents the tip from being pushed into the barrel. They’re safety optimised too, with low odour, xylene-free ink, safety air flow caps, and a 24-hour cap-off time to prevent drying out.

The Show-me Difference

What’s the difference between a standard whiteboard and a Show-me original whiteboard? The quality of surface, erasability and longevity of the materials used. Through years of testing and adapting, we have created a great surface that now only allows the drywipe ink to flow, but cleans up perfectly* time after time.

Show-me is not just a product, it’s a powerful resource to enhance the teaching and learning experience for children and educators alike. Teachers can monitor progress and understanding from the front of the class, without the need to waste pen and paper. And, without the permanence of pen and paper, students are less likely to fear mistakes.

The best results are gained by pairing up the recommended products for daily use; for example, the Show-me drywipe pens have been designed to perfectly match up with the quality of the Show-me original whiteboards surface to enhance the laydown of ink and ensure great erasability.

As with all drywipe surfaces in regular use, the boards will start to look grey. This is the residue from the drywipe ink staining the surface of the whiteboard and with a lot of cheaper whiteboards cannot always be removed, even with the best whiteboard cleaners. Fortunately, the high-quality drywipe surface on all printed original Show-me whiteboards resists the long-term staining when using the advanced formulation of Show-me MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner & Conditioner.

Throughout the whole system and across all of the Show-me range you will now be able to see ‘who we are’ and why it pays to choose the best mini-whiteboards on the market.

*When used with Show-me drywipe pens, drywipe erasers and MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner & Conditioner.

The Show-me System

At Show-me we have created the best way to kit out entire classes and schools with mini whiteboards and accessories that last. Every class pack and bulk box includes equal numbers of drywipe boards, drywipe pens and mini foam erasers; the ideal way to ensure every student in the class has the resources they need. The entire class can engage in fun and interactive learning and the teacher won’t need to fear running out of resources!


Our most popular option is the 107-piece classpack, perfect for single classrooms.

All the classpacks come with 35 of each of A4 drywipe whiteboards in a variety of design options, drywipe pens (nib thickness depends on board design) and mini foam erasers.

On top of this, we always include a free Teachers’ Resources Booklet and a free gift, which changes regularly!

We understand how quickly drywipe pens can get used up, lost or taken home by mistake in the busy classroom, so these are also available to purchase in a choice of handy top-up sizes or larger bulk packs. 

MAGIX is also available to purchase to keep all your mini and wall-mounted drywipe boards in top condition.

Bulk Boxes

Our best value 302-piece bulk boxes are ideal for kitting out more than one classroom at once.

All the bulk boxes come with 100 of each of A4 drywipe whiteboards in a variety of design options, drywipe pens (nib thickness depends on board design) and mini foam erasers.

On top of this, we always include a free Teachers’ Resources Booklet and a free gift, which changes regularly!

If you want to utilise the Show-me system in a larger establishment, such as an office or across a school, the best value comes from purchasing the Bulk Boxes.

Take the pack even further by upgrading the erasers to the small wooden-handled erasers, available in a handy pack of 30.

free gifts

Every Classpack and Bulk Box comes supplied with a free Teachers’ Resources Booklet, which is packed full of activities to help you get started with your new Show-me Boards. It also contains useful hints and tips to get the best from your boards, drywipe pens and erasers, and information about the different types of board surface available.

Classpacks and Bulk Boxes also contain other free gifts which change regularly. We can’t say much, but it might include some liquid gold…


Alongside the core range of plain, lined and gridded boards, there are 35+ Show-me board designs available, covering everything from multiplication and phonemes to the periodic table. 

You can view suppliers of each board design on the product pages on this website, or you can purchase from Show-me directly if you prefer. 

Alongside the standard 800 micron boards, which are 100% recyclable, you can also purchase:

  • SUPERTOUGH Boards – almost double the thickness of standard Show-me Boards, and ideal for taking learning on the move or for use when there’s no desk space available.
  • RIGID Boards – feature a solid MDF core with a premium drywipe surface, a tough, robust alternative to standard boards as they don’t bend or flex.
  • MAGNETIC FRAMED Boards – ideal for use with magnetic accessories in EYFS and Primary classrooms, with extra strength and rigidity due to the coloured frame. 

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