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3 Halloween themed Mini Whiteboard Lesson Ideas You Can Try Today

These 3 Halloween spelling games are easy to set up and will inject some friendly competition to the classroom for Halloween.

Creepy Countdown

On your teacher whiteboard, write a letter of the alphabet.
The students then have 2 minutes to write down on their whiteboard as many Halloween- related words that contain that letter.

For example, the letter S:
Spooky, Scary, Skeleton, Scream, Spell, Spider, Sweets, Ghost, Monster
Or I:
Witch, Trick or Treat, Pumpkin, Spider, Evil, Disguise, Broomsticks

Play the countdown theme or use an egg timer for added urgency and drama!
To push students further, you can give out extra points for words that nobody else in the class has thought of.

For an easier version, write a Halloween themed word on the board, for example ‘witch’. Students then write as many other words that start with W.
For example: Witch: White, Why, Who, Where, What, Wings, Weather, Wasp etc.

Last Letter Relay

Divide your class into groups of 5, sit them one behind the other and give the person at the front of the group a lined whiteboard.
Assign a topic, for example, ‘Halloween’ or for other times of the year, this might be ‘food’, ‘animals’ or ‘places’.
The first student writes a word down from that category, then hands the board over their head to the next person.
Example: Witch.

The next student must write a word that starts with the last letter (in this case, “h” – Halloween).
The next student continues (nightmare), and the next (evil). The winning team is the first to complete.

To make the task longer, send the whiteboard back to the front of the row to go again.

If you have a bigger space, or outdoor area, this game can be turned into a relay, by putting the whiteboard a few metres away so the children have to run to it when it’s their turn.

Spidey Spelling

On your teacher whiteboard draw a spider’s web.
At the end of each web spindle write a grapheme or letter: Sh, b, ar, p, e, ee, s, a, c, ch, k, o, oo.
Students come up to the board and move a toy spider to spell out a letter, sounding out the letters as they do.
For example: Sheep, Park, Cheek

As they are sounding out the letters, the teacher writes the word on the whiteboard.

The rest of the class then writes out the word on their mini whiteboards.

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