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Original vs SUPERTOUGH vs MDF Mini Whiteboards

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or replace your existing mini whiteboards, there are many considerations that affect your decision. Due to shrinking budgets across sectors, cost is a predominant factor. So, what is the difference between the type of boards available?

Original Show-me Boards

The original Show-me boards are ideal for use in all education and office settings. They are:

  • 800 Microns thick (0.8mm)
  • Flexible
  • The standard specification for all mini whiteboards

Each board benefits from long-lasting protective layers to seal and protect designs, with a glossy drywipe surface for optimal erasability.

Better still, all Show-me plastic whiteboards made since 2014 are fully recyclable. Show-me will be launching a recycling scheme for all plastic whiteboards in 2022, click here to find out more and to be alerted when the scheme goes live.

SUPERTOUGH Show-me Boards

The 85% thicker Show-me SUPERTOUGH boards are a more robust, longer-lasting alternative to the original board. They are:

  • 1500 Microns thick (1.5mm)
  • Semi-rigid
  • Ideal for taking learning on the move

Use SUPERTOUGH boards when there’s no desk surface available, in the playground, and on field trips. They’re a more eco-friendly alternative to MDF boards when a longer-lasting, more durable mini whiteboard is required as Show-me SUPERTOUGH boards are recyclable.

MDF Show-me Boards

MDF boards are Show-me’s most robust board option. They are:

  • 3000 Microns thick (3mm)
  • Rigid
  • Made with a solid MDF core

MDF boards are a great option for those who would prefer to invest in a longer-lasting board, rather than purchase cheaper alternatives and need to replace their boards more frequently.

Rigid boards don’t slide around the desk like lighter plastic boards do, making it easier to write clearly, and can easily be written on when being used outside. No need to chase loose pieces of paper!

Be careful when using your MDF boards outside, however; MDF is a wood composite made from fusing sawdust and glue together. Direct water entry and moisture can be a challenge as the MDF will absorb it, causing the board to potentially swell and warp.

In Conclusion…

Do your research when purchasing standard mini whiteboards; cheaper alternatives may be thinner, and will therefore be more prone to bending, or have a cheaper surface that will not erase as well as other options and will ghost or become damaged.

It’s important to consider the environment the board will be used in when making your decision, and remember it works out cheaper, in the long run, to invest in quality resources that will last longer, rather than cheap alternatives.