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PP vs PVC Whiteboards

The majority of whiteboards available on the market are made from PVC. So why has Show-me chosen PP instead?

All Show-me boards made since 2014 have been produced using Polypropylene (PP) instead of the very common PVC. This makes them a much better environmental and sustainable choice.

Polypropylene (PP) is:

  • One of the most neutral plastics produced as it only contains two elements: Carbon (C) and Hydrogen (H)
  • Much more tolerant to heat – even under very extreme conditions it will only generate Carbon Dioxide and water
  • 100% recyclable

In comparison, PVC:

  • Contains about 30% by weight of the element Chlorine (Cl) in its structure which is a dangerous substance to the environment
  • Is very unstable in heat; if burnt, it produces toxic by-products such as Dioxins, Chlorocarbons, and Hydrochloric Acid
  • Is dangerous and difficult to recycle due to its intrinsic chemical composition and the additives it contains

Using whiteboards is a great way to reduce paper usage and minimise your classroom or office’s environmental impact. But, if you want a whiteboard that is better for the environment, choose a board made from PP!

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