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Are MDF whiteboards good for the environment?

What is MDF?

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is commonly used to create different types of furniture, flooring and cabinets.

It is made from sawdust and wood shavings.

Hardwood and softwood are broken down into wood fibres, and then combined with paraffin wax and glue for binding.

MDF whiteboards tend to be a popular choice because they’re a sturdier, longer-lasting alternative to standard plastic whiteboards.

What is the Glue Made From?

The glue used to bind the shavings together is often formaldehyde-based.

This glue takes a lot of processing to create and uses synthetic materials.

This glue:

  • Is considered toxic to humans
  • Contaminates the wood product, which makes recycling difficult

MDF whiteboards can’t degrade naturally due to the synthetic glue used to combine the shavings.

Whilst MDF whiteboards can technically be recycled, the process is not accessible and requires specialised recycling facilities.

As a result, they tend to end up in incinerators, where they can release toxic gasses as they burn, or in landfills.

You can’t simply pop your MDF whiteboards in your usual recycling bin!

In Conclusion

MDF is a by-product of the construction industry. It does reduce waste and ensures no trees are cut down specifically to make MDF.

Unfortunately, the production of MDF requires high energy and pressure, which is bad for the environment. As MDF whiteboards are difficult to recycle they often end up in incinerators or landfills, where the chemicals present in the binders can leak over time.

We would not recommend MDF whiteboards for these reasons.

Longer-lasting Whiteboards

If you want a longer-lasting whiteboard, we recommend trying Show-me SUPERTOUGH.

They are:

  • 85% thicker than standard Show-me boards (1.5mm thick)
  • Semi-rigid
  • Made from PP, which is 100% recyclable and is one of the most neutral plastics produced

To find out more about why Show-me whiteboards are not made from PVC, read the blog here>>