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Show-me isn't just mini whiteboards

When you choose Show-me you don't just get the original mini whiteboards, you get a collection of products carefully designed for schools to get the most out of mini whiteboards.

So many teachers are fed up with scratched, dirty and stained student whiteboards but feel they don't have the time or energy to sort them out. This mostly means the boards tend to stay dirty, getting less and less usable until they are replaced (again).

This is where Chris comes in...

Meet Chris

Chris is Show-me's self professed geek.

He's the type of person who finds the amount of electricity it takes to boil 1 cup in the kettle vs 5 interesting.

Chris spends every working day trying to find ways to improve Show-me products. That could be looking at the tiniest details under the microscope, visiting our suppliers or reviewing umpteen different whiteboard cleaning materials to find the best.

Although Chris is still learning every day there isn't much he doesn't know about mini whiteboards and accessories, and he loves nothing more than expounding his knowledge on anyone willing to listen.

To save you the monotony of Chris (he can run on a bit), you can read his key findings below.

How to make your mini whiteboards last longer: Step 1

The Right Surface

A long lasting mini whiteboard doesn't just fall out of the sky or get delivered by storks, it's carefully created by whiteboard fanatics.

Choose a board which has had time spent on it, not just mass produced by ginormous CO2 belching factories in the Far East.

Show-me boards have had Chris pore over every element and work with the very best suppliers to give you flexible, super erasable, fully recyclable mini whiteboards.

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How to make your mini whiteboards last longer: Step 2

The Right Drywipe Marker

There's a lot which goes into a whiteboard marker, especially the Students' favourite for over 20 years!

Each part of the ubiquitous Show-me markers has been carefully thought through:

✓ Slim barrel - perfect for small hands
✓ Child safe ink - no nasty chemicals
✓ 72 hour lid off time - won't dry out
✓ Long lasting, anti splay nibs - write perfectly
✓ High capacity ink reservoir - write for longer
✓ Bright barrels - less likely to get lost

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How to make your mini whiteboards last longer: Step 3

The Right Eraser... In his quest to find the best whiteboard eraser, Chris reviewed 42 different materials. Yes 42!

As usual Chris kind of geeked out a bit and got the microscope out. The results are certainly interesting. What Chris found out has helped shape the Show-me whiteboard eraser range.

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How to make your mini whiteboards last longer: Step 4

The Right Whiteboard Cleaner... We had to cut this section down to the key bits as it's one of Chris' real geek out subjects. (He's done multiple internal training sessions on this topic alone.)

There are 2 main types of whiteboard cleaner

Non-alcohol based cleaners are the best for regular cleaning as they don't 'reactivate' the ink which turns your board into a smeary mess.

Alcohol based cleaners on the other hand are designed to remove stubborn stains, ghosting and permanent marker.

Use Show-me Step 2 cleaner for regular cleaning and MAGIX for when things get more drastic.

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The Good stuff

If you are the sort of person who cares about where your stuff comes from, you'll love Show-me.

All of our flexible whiteboards are made in the UK and almost every kit is put together by Onward Enterprises. This is a local Community Interest Company which gives supported work opportunities to many disabled or less abled people who would otherwise struggle to find work or fulfilling occupation.

Every single one of our flexible whiteboards made since 2014 is made from fully, 100% recyclable polypropylene.

You can also send us any old mini whiteboards as part of the Show-me recycling scheme. Together we can make sure less mini whiteboards end up in landfill sites.

read about the recycling scheme >>

Become a Show-me Distributor

Already sold all over the globe, Show-me are always looking for more great companies to work with and help schools get more from mini whiteboards.

You don't just get a range of products, you get the power of the Show-me brand, sales training, and full marketing support.

If you think you could be one of these companies then drop us a line!

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