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Refillable Whiteboard Cleaner – 500ml

Refillable Whiteboard Cleaner – 500ml

Keep your whiteboards super clean, and go super green!

Formulated for the regular cleaning of all whiteboards, it’s really easy to get started with this kit.

Your starter pack contains:
1 x Empty bottle with 500ml capacity
1 x Trigger spray head
1 x Soluble sachet (already in the bottle)

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Show-me Step 2 whiteboard cleaner is now even better for our planet. Instead of shipping liquids around the world and wasting piles of bottles, you now receive a durable trigger spray bottle and a small but potent sachet containing whiteboard cleaning goodness.

Carefully formulated for the regular cleaning of all your whiteboards, big or small, including plastic, magnetic and MDF boards. It's really easy to get started:

1: Unscrew the trigger spray and fill the bottle with warm water up to the line indicated
2: Screw on the trigger tightly
3: Shake the bottle to dissolve the sachet

Show-me recommends cleaning your whiteboards at least once every two weeks to extend the lifespan of the surface.

When you need to refill, you can order more sachets in packs of 6. See code WCE500R6.
6 Whiteboard Cleaner Sachet Refills

From the lab...

Step 2 Cleaner

- When creating this formula, the goal was to produce a cleaner that would remove everyday dirt and minor staining. Which is exactly what it does.
Careful testing across a period of days, we found that whiteboards perform to their best when cleaned at least once every ten days.


- This formula is different, and the aim of this product was to create an extra-strength renovator and conditioner. Which we did. It is best used on stubborn stains and permanent marker.
We found that this cleaner should not be used as regularly as Step 2 cleaner, especially if you treat your boards with care.