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StayClean Surface Guarantee Terms & Conditions and Sign-Up

All Show-me whiteboards which carry the StayClean icon are covered by the market leading 2-year surface guarantee.

We prefer not to use waffle and jargon, so this page is some easy to read information about what the guarantee does and doesn’t cover. We also go over what you need to do to be covered and what we’ll do for you under the terms of the guarantee.

What you get

When you purchase any Show-me mini whiteboard that features the patent pending StayClean surface you will also receive a free 2-year guarantee which covers you for manufacturing defects during normal use.

Registration is required, please see below.

What you need to do

Check your purchase

Upon receiving your purchase, it is important for the product to be inspected and any imperfections reported to Eastpoint within 48 hours by calling our Customer Care Team on +44 (0) 1502 52 55 99 during our normal office hours (08:00-16:00) or email to guarantee immediate return for replacement, otherwise these imperfections may be deemed as improper use.

Register your purchase

In order to be eligible for the guarantee, you will need to register your purchase on this page including proof of purchase within 30 days of receiving your whiteboards.

If you don’t verify your purchase or if the information provided is incomplete this may invalidate your guarantee.

If you have challenges with the online registration process, please call our Customer Care Team on +44 (0)1502 52 55 99 during our normal office hours (08:00-16:00) or email

Condition your boards

When you first receive your boards we recommend applying Show-me MAGIX to the surface to condition your board surface.

This leaves a microfilm on the surface which makes the board even more erasable during use.

Simply spray a small amount on the board and use a soft cloth to wipe over the whole surface of the whiteboard. Do this to both sides of the board.

Maintain your boards

Under the normal, everyday use it is expected that you will regularly maintain the surface using an appropriate water-based whiteboard cleaner as well as dealing with any stubborn stains using a specially formulated cleaner, which will probably be alcohol-based such as Show-me MAGIX.

Failure to properly maintain the mini whiteboard will invalidate your guarantee.

See this video on how to clean your boards.

Refillable Whiteboard Cleaner_Refillable_Whiteboard_Cleaner

What the guarantee covers

Normal Use

Show-me whiteboards are guaranteed for normal use. This is defined as; used by a person (not animals or robots) in conjunction with a suitable drywipe marker, whiteboard specific drywipe eraser or cloth and regularly maintained with a specially formulated whiteboard cleaner that is water-based such as Show-me stage 2 cleaner, or alcohol based such as Show-me MAGIX for the purposes of keeping the surface clean.

Manufacturing Defects

These could be but are not limited to the surface coming away from the substrate, the colour of the surface finish and degradation of printed design as well as any imperfections to the edges and shape.

What the guarantee does not cover

Improper use

(This is not a complete list and subject to change.)

  1. Excessive bending of the whiteboard whereby there appears a defined crease that could damage the coating.
  2. Using stationery, utensils or implements that are not designed for use on whiteboards, such as ballpoint pens, pencils, crayons or sharp objects.

Use in hazardous areas

These products have been designed for use in the classroom, office, or similar environments, therefore if the board has been used within an environment that, by nature has more hazards that could affect the condition of a mini whiteboard, some or all parts of the guarantee may be invalidated, such as a workshop where metal shards could end up scratching the board surface.

How to claim against the guarantee

In the unlikely event that you need to raise a support request with us we will firstly require some simple proof that regular maintenance has been carried out. May also require you to explain the process you normally take, to ensure that it is being carried out in the correct manner outlined, along with details of products used for this purpose.

You will be entitled to replacement whiteboards if we are happy that the terms of this guarantee have been met.

What we will do

All guidance on regular maintenance will be provided at point of sale, via our website or via printed materials included with the product themselves, so there should be no misunderstanding regarding your responsibility regarding the guarantee.

Only boards which show the StayClean icon are covered by the guarantee.

This is shown at the footer of your boards.

We also need to know the code of your boards, this is in a box in the footer.

And the batch code which is on the opposite side to the code.

If you have any questions please call our Customer Care Team on +44 (0) 1502 52 55 99 during our normal office hours (08:00-16:00) or email


  1. Drywipe marker: A pen which contains ink that can erase from a drywipe surface without the need for liquid cleaners. Often called a whiteboard pen, whiteboard marker or dry erase marker.
  2. Drywipe eraser: designed for the removal of dry drywipe ink from a whiteboard surface, these products typically use foam, felt, or cloth as the eraser surface. Also called a whiteboard eraser.
  3. Water-based whiteboard cleaner: A specially formulated water-based cleaner designed for the removal of drywipe ink from a whiteboard surface, such as Show-me Stage 2 Cleaner.
  4. Alcohol-based whiteboard cleaner: A specially formulated alcohol-based cleaner designed for the removal of drywipe ink stains from a whiteboard surface, such as Show-me MAGIX.
  5. Whiteboard conditioner: A specially formulated product that when applied to a whiteboard surface improves the overall surface condition for the next normal use, such as Show-me MAGIX.