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Recycle Your Mini Whiteboards

A Money-Saving and Simple Way to Recycle Your Mini Whiteboards and Accessories

As part of our commitment to helping our planet, we are always looking at ways in which we can make as many products as possible circular, even if they are a ‘consumable’ item.

We are really chuffed to have launched the “send-back” recycling scheme for all mini whiteboards*, whiteboard pens and whiteboard erasers.

We have teamed up with a local recycling centre, Precious Plastic East, who recently turned our first batch of returned whiteboard pens into buttons.

Here’s how the scheme works

Items sorted and dismantled

Plastic Shredded

Moulded into New items

  • Collect: Once you have decided to join the scheme, place suitable boxes** in and around your classroom or office and download the poster to display with your boxes.
  • Seal: Once each box is full and below the required maximum limit, seal the box using parcel tape so all the items are securely contained.
  • Confirm: Fill in the required details below.
  • Send: We will send you a returns label that needs to be attached to the box (this may be brought by the courier). The box then needs to be placed in a suitable location, typically reception, ready for collection.
  • Share: Is your school on social media? If so, it’s great to share the steps you’re taking to reduce your environmental impact. Use the hashtag #showmerecycling to share your involvement in the scheme.
  • Spend: use your 10% off voucher on all items on this website. (You’ll get this once we’ve received your box.)

Fill in the form below to get started then download and share your certificate and social media content pack for your school to promote your recycling efforts!

Terms and Conditions

  • The recycling scheme is open to schools in mainland UK. Get in touch with us if you are in Ireland or another country.
  • The scheme is being launched on a trial basis and is subject to change without warning. Eastpoint reserve the right to cancel the scheme.
  • To participate in the scheme, you agree to share your details with us to enable us to assist you in collecting the box and for occasional marketing purposes of relevant services and products.
  • *Mini whiteboards are classified as A3 or smaller.
  • **Suitable boxes are double-walled cardboard boxes that are free from water damage and have up to a maximum weight of 16KG per box. The customer will be required to use a box that is suitable for the weight of the recycling and is suitably sealed, so that even the smallest parts (pen lids/ caps) cannot fall out. Eastpoint will not be able to provide a box for the returns. If you have purchased a Show-me classpack or bulk box these can be used for the returns process. All boxes should be free from additional items than those listed and may be subject to fees if the boxes are found to contain contaminants.