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MAGIX Whiteboard Restorer and Conditioner 250ml

MAGIX Whiteboard Restorer and Conditioner 250ml

Ideal for use on wall-mounted and individual mini whiteboards, MAGIX effortlessly restores a new look and feel to all dirty whiteboards.

MAGIX should not be used for regular cleaning – Step 2 Cleaner should be your first choice.

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Restore Your Whiteboards

Never have dirty whiteboards again with Show-me MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner.

Ideal for use on larger wall-mounted or individual mini whiteboards, it's two products in one. Each application effortlessly removes ghosting, stubborn staining, ballpoint pens and permanent marker with ease. Then the unique STAYCLEAN ingredient adds a conditioning microfilm layer, which improves the erasability and gives a far smoother writing experience.

Testing, Testing...

We are aware of numerous online articles that show people how to remove permanent marker from a whiteboard.

So, in the depths of the lab, we have 'taken one for the team' and tried them all on our whiteboards.
For the most part we cannot recommend any of the solutions as there is a real risk of damaging your whiteboard surface.

For the 'one time only solutions', most work, but it's always better to use a cleaner designed specifically for removing permanent marker.

We love Magix

Many of these methods surprisingly did work, however the finished result was not as clean as just simply using Magix. We do not recommend using toothpaste, sanitiser or pencil eraser as they will damage the boards surface.

There are other permanent marker cleaners and whiteboard conditioners on the market, but none that we have tried perform the same as Show-me Magix Whiteboard Cleaner & Conditioner.


4-Step Cleaning System

1. First use one of our many erasers to remove any ink from the surface
2. Then use a cleaner, we recommend our WCE500, on any light stains and marks
3. Magix should be used next to remove stubborn stains and permanent marker
4. Repeat step 3, using Magix again for a brilliant, conditioned board