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What is Show-me Magix and how to use it?

Updated: 23/08/2022 at 17:39

What is Show-me Magix?

Show-me Magix, Steps 3&4 of the Show-me Cleaning System, is a Whiteboard Cleaner & Conditioner that is specifically designed for those stubborn stains, wrong inks, ghosting and graffiti to name a few common scenarios. With the added benefit that, when applied to a new or clean whiteboard surface it conditions (leaves a microfilm layer) on the surface that improves erasability and gives a smoother writing experience.

Now you know what Show-me Magix is, it’s best to include what it is not.

Show-me Magix is not the right solution for everyday cleaning, not only is this wasteful it is a much more costly way to clean your boards when a proper solution is available. A specially formulated whiteboard cleaner, such as the Show-me Step 2 Refillable Whiteboard Cleaner is a much better and cost effective solution for regular cleaning.

Are all boards suitable for Show-me Magix?

The short answer is, yes. Show-me Magix is a powerful alcohol based whiteboard cleaner that cuts through permanent markers, stubborn staining, ghosting to name a few but, even with this power the solution is still suitable for all types of mini-whiteboards and wall mounted whiteboards found in all environments. Just remember to work in a well ventilated room or only use in short bursts.

Is it suitable for other surfaces?

Yes, It has been used for outdoor activity boards, such as playground pictures, which are typically foam based boards with a design and used in the school playground with drywipe markers. In some scenarios Show-me Magix is used to remove graffiti from table tops, notice boards and windows. You’ll need to check if the surface is non-porous first, for example; bare brick walls are porous, which means that the liquid gets sucked into the surface and does not have time to clean the surface effectively which is not what you are after. Conversely non-porous surface allow the cleaner to sit on the surface long enough to clean the marks off.

Remember that alcohol based cleaners, such as Show-me Magix evaporate when left.

Should I use Show-me Magix first?

This depends on the known circumstances, for example if you accidently picked up a permanent marker and used it on a whiteboard then you are best to use Magix first as you already know that a drywipe eraser or water-based whiteboard cleaner is not going to remove the marks.

However, if you come across a whiteboard and try to remove the marks, it is very possible that the ink has baked on and requires a cleaner to assist, always try using a drywipe erase, then water-based whiteboard cleaner before using Magix. You could very well save yourself money in the process

So, how do you use Show-me Magix?

Spray and wipe, as easy as that. However the way in which you do this does make a difference.

It’s best to work on a section at a time to prevent the formula from drying out, working your way from the top to the bottom of the board. Throughout this process you will need to fold or rotate your cloth to ensure that rewetted ink is not transferred back to the board surface.

Spraying the whole surface of a large wall mounted whiteboard then wiping the marks away is one of the most common errors we hear about. Not only does this waste a huge amount of ‘liquid gold’ but it doesn’t actually clean the board.

When you spray the whole board before wiping, you rewet the ink allowing it to drip down the board surface, this will loosen up the marks but if the cleaner has evaporated the ink will dry again meaning that more cleaning is required.

Abrasive cleaners, toothpaste and mixing chemicals crossed out
What are the alternatives to Show-me Magix?

We are aware of numerous inline articles that show people how to remove permanent marker from a whiteboard, these include abrasive cleaners, toothpaste or even making your own cleaner to remove permanent marker from whiteboards. However, these can destroy the surface of your board or leave tiny abrasions, and making your own cleaner can be hazardous to your health.

There are other permanent marker cleaners and whiteboard conditioners on the market, but none that we have tried perform the same as Show-me Magix Whiteboard Cleaner & Conditioner. Why look any further when the solution is here.

Remember to always use erasers, cleaners and conditioners that have been designed specifically for whiteboard use, if in doubt let us know.