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How to Use MAGIX

MAGIX is more than just a standard whiteboard cleaner; it’s two products in one. The cleaner effortlessly removes ghosting, staining, ballpoint pens and even permanent marker. The conditioner adds a conditioning microfilm layer to the board surface which improves erasability and gives a smoother writing experience.

How to Use

MAGIX is suitable for all wall-mounted and mini whiteboards. Simply:

  1. Remove the drywipe ink using a standard foam or felt eraser – you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure
  2. Gently clean the board surface using a microfibre cloth to remove ink particles
  3. Apply Show-me MAGIX either directly on to the board, or to a cloth which will allow you to control the amount used
  4. Clean the board immediately – if you allow MAGIX to dry, the alcohol evaporates and it won’t be as effective
Top Tip

Cleaning a large whiteboard? Don’t spray MAGIX over the entire surface then start cleaning. It’s best to work on a section at a time to prevent the formula from drying out before you reach that part of the board.

Several online articles recommend using abrasive cleaners, toothpaste or even making your own cleaner to remove permanent marker from whiteboards. However, these can destroy the surface of your board or leave tiny abrasions, and making your own cleaner can be hazardous to your health.

Remember to always use cleaners and erasers that are designed specifically for whiteboard use.