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Wooden-Handled Erasers, Student Size, Pack of 30

Wooden-Handled Erasers, Student Size, Pack of 30

These traditional, wooden-handled mini whiteboard erasers feature carefully shaped handles made from wood for a comfy grip.

Perfect for students or cleaning smaller boards.

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Ideal for use in a wide variety of settings, whether you're at school or in the boardroom. The ergonomic handle makes these erasers easy to grip and comfy to hold. Keep your whiteboards clean and ready to go, regardless of the size!

Two sizes available.

Traditional style wooden-handled erasers
•  Ergonomically shaped handles with a natural wood finish
•  Soft, washable felt surface
•  Suitable for use on both whiteboards and chalkboards
•  Available in large for teachers, or mini for students

Testing, Testing...

Felt is actually 1 of 8 types of materials used on a regular basis to clean whiteboards.
Felt, foam, tissue, cloth, microfibre, sponge, or if you are in a school, it’ll be clothes or skin.

In the lab we've reviewed 42 different items to find out which works the best while protecting your whiteboards.

Here is what we found about felt:
It shares a similar structure to wire wool which as you can imagine can be very abrasive. Felt does pick up dry wipe ink, however this may be at the cost of the drywipe surface condition. This should not be a problem when using Show-me Boards.