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Wooden-Handled Erasers, Teacher Size, Pack of 12

Wooden-Handled Erasers, Teacher Size, Pack of 12

Traditional wooden handled erasers with ergonomic grip, and a felt cleaning surface that wipes boards clean with minimal effort.
These large erasers are 15cm in length making cleaning dirty boards a breeze.

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These traditional, wooden-handled erasers feature a comfy grip due to their shaped natural wood finish. Each eraser has a soft and washable felt surface that can be used on both whiteboards and chalkboards.

Pack contains 12 x wooden handled erasers.

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Wooden-Handled Erasers, Student Size


Wooden-Handled Erasers

• Traditional style wooden-handled erasers
• Ergonomically shaped handles with a natural wood finish
• Soft, washable felt surface
• Suitable for use on both whiteboards and chalkboards


or Large?

Both sizes have the same plus points, small is just better for small hands and vice versa with large.

Available in two sizes; Large - 15cm and Small - 5cm

Testing, Testing...

In the lab we've reviewed 42 different materials to find out which works the best while protecting your whiteboards.

Felt is 1 of 8 types of materials used on a regular basis to clean whiteboards. Felt, foam, tissue, cloth, microfibre, sponge, or if you are in a school, it’ll be clothes or skin.

Felt works by picking up the dry ink off the surface as well as pushing it to the side. It's this combination that makes felt get grubby over time, however it can normally be cleaned in the same way as chalk dusters.

4-Step Cleaning System


1. First use one of our many erasers to remove any ink from the surface
2. Then use a cleaner, we recommend our WCE500, on any light stains and marks
3. Magix should be used next to remove stubborn stains and permanent marker
4. Repeat step 3, using Magix again for a brilliant, conditioned board