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Whiteboard Erasers, Pack of 12

Whiteboard Erasers, Pack of 12

Erase drywipe ink from whiteboards with these cost-effective whiteboard erasers.

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These full-sized drywipe erasers from Show-me are an economically friendly alternative to other erasers on the market.

Each eraser is lightweight and has a washable foam surface that's suitable for use on all whiteboards. Ideal for schools, classrooms and offices.

Pack contains 12 x whiteboard erasers.

4-Step Cleaning System


1. First use one of our many erasers to remove any ink from the surface
2. Then use a cleaner, we recommend our WCE500, on any light stains and marks
3. Magix should be used next to remove stubborn stains and permanent marker
4. Repeat step 3, using Magix again for a brilliant, conditioned board