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About Show-me

A family business with a love of stationery and whiteboards!


Maurice Temple starts a business selling accountancy stationery in London. This then morphs into a larger business selling general stationery and office products.


The Temple family sell the business and escape the city to Lowestoft, the most easterly town in Britain. The 2nd generation then start a new business from a caravan in a garden.


Numeracy and Literacy Hours launched into schools in England. Schools were looking for a way to easily do regular practice of key skills without using lots of paper. So Show-me launched mini whiteboards as a cost effective way to get a classroom full of answers.


First range of Show-me student whiteboard markers and accessories developed to work with the mini whiteboards. The first class and bulk kits were sold shortly after this.


The Trade business Eastpoint was setup and started distributing Show-me products across the world.


The best-selling medium tip Show-me pens get their distinctive green barrels.

Making them known to this day as ‘the green ones’.


By 2011 the range has continued to grow and now includes many different whiteboard designs created with teachers.

And a wide range of erasers and cleaners, all created for the classroom.

Mini whiteboards can now be found in most schools across the UK.


The Rapid Recall whiteboards are created by teachers for mastering the number part of the national curriculum.

These are introduced under the Propeller brand, using the Show-me surface technology.

An instant hit with many schools and loved by pupils and teachers.


The year of the dreaded ‘C’ word! Whiteboards saw a huge surge in popularity and we only just managed to keep up with the demand.


Lots of things have been happening!

Show-me is once again looking to expand further and begins selling in USA for the first time.

Alfie from the 3rd generation of Temples worked with Chris to setup the Show-me lab, giving new insights into the depths of all things whiteboard. New products have been quickly launched like the refillable whiteboard cleaner and an all new mini whiteboard surface.

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