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Standard vs SUPERTOUGH vs MDF

Whether you are looking to upgrade or replace your existing mini-whiteboards, there are many factors that affect your decision. Of course, one of those is the rigidity of the board! With larger classes,

Rigid mini-whiteboards are a tough, robust alternative to standard mini-whiteboards. They’re ideal for using when there is no desk space available, or for taking learning outside of the classroom without the fear of bending, flexing or damaging the board.

Original Show-me Whiteboards are flexible and ideal for classroom use on a flat surface, such as a table. Whereas the 85% thicker Show-me SUPERTOUGH Whiteboards are perfect for carpet time, outdoor learning and field trips. To take your lessons further afield, you could choose Show-me MDF whiteboards that are twice as thick as SUPERTOUGH, fully rigid and suitable for situations where no tables/ surfaces are available to lean on.

Show-Me® Original

  • 800 Microns thick (0.8mm)
  • Flexible
  • Available in Plain, Lined, Gridded, Clockface and Music Ruled
  • The standard specification for all mini whiteboards


  • 1500 Microns thick (1.5mm)
  • Semi-rigid
  • Available in Plain
  • A new standard for high-quality, weatherproof roaming whiteboards

Show-me® MDF

  • 3000microns (3mm)
  • Rigid
  • Available in Plain and Lined
  • Ideal for on the move learning