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Drywipe Markers: Why so Chunky?


Have you ever needed to use a drywipe marker all day?


Have you ever picked up a drywipe marker and thought that it was ‘comfortable’?


Have you ever considered that the ‘normal size’ drywipe markers were better?

Most people do not give these things a second thought. A drywipe marker is what it is and has been for a long time.

If you pick up a set of markers from a supermarket or stationery shop, the barrels are likely the ‘chunky’ barrel that has been used for generations.

But who decided that the chunky barrel marker size was correct for whiteboards?

We don’t know if anyone chose the size specifically or if it is ‘just that size’. But we think that there is a better alternative.

What alternative you ask?
The user and intended usage dictates the correct size of the writing instrument.

To find out what the best grip size for you is, ask yourself these questions:

young girl using a marker

Are you under 6 years old?
Assuming you are not, as you’re reading this article, then you do not need a ‘jumbo’ size marker.
Typically, children under 6 years old are still learning to grip pens and pencils, which requires a slightly different hold. So, the chunkier barrels are ideal for this age group.

person writing in a notebook

Are you writing a novel?
To avoid writing fatigue, it’s best to use a pen with an ergonomic grip when writing large pieces of text. For short pieces of writing, a whiteboard and drywipe marker is ideal. However, we do not recommend this option for long pieces of written text as there is a high risk of accidentally erasing your work.

team using a whiteboard

Are you using a whiteboard for start-stop writing/ drawing?
This is the most common use for whiteboards, whether they are big or small. This type of start/stop work does not need the finesse of an ergonomic ballpoint pen. Standard ballpoint pens and pencils are approximately 8mm in diameter, with some having a dedicated grip point that takes this up to 12mm. This starting size range is perfect for drywipe markers.

After several stages of testing, we have found that the optimum barrel size for a drywipe marker sits between 12-14mm, where the term ‘slim barrel’ is typically used. This size is closer to the ergonomics of a pencil in a grip, a dedicated grip zone on a comfy writing pen, as well as digital artists that use pen tablets for most of the day, while not too far apart that you start straying into the realms of ‘chunky’.

There are several drywipe markers on the market that fall into this ‘ideal’ barrel diameter range, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you favour a more comfortable grip. The main things that change by switching to slim are the range of colours, the length of the barrel, and the line weight, all of which depend on the manufacturer.

All Show-me drywipe markers use a 13mm KOMFIGRIP barrel, which sits in the sweet spot for the most common uses of drywipe markers. This coupled with a 72-hour cap-off time, and 10 assorted colours in both medium (2mm) and fine (1.2) point, makes the Show-me range one of the most comprehensive on the market.

All these features aside, we would not recommend a drywipe marker if it didn’t have safety in mind. That’s why Show-me drywipe markers have been designed with a vented airflow cap to avoid suffocation if the lid is accidentally swallowed, and the ink does not contain any of the nasty chemicals found in some cheaper alternatives.

Even if you continue to choose a chunky marker, at least you will be making a conscience decision rather than just following the norm.