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Drywipe Pen Tip Guide for 2022

Not all pen nibs are created equal…

There’s a diverse range of pens for you to choose from when purchasing your office supplies, all with different pen tips. From the fountain pen to the trusty ballpoint, each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Drywipe pens are typically available in either a bullet or chisel tip, in different barrel sizes for different uses. Show-me drywipe pens are available in both fine and medium tips, but what’s the difference?

Differences in Nib Size

Well, in the case of Show-me pens, it’s 0.8mm in thickness, and each nib (or ‘tip’) is crafted for a particular use.

Fine tip pens are best suited for those with small handwriting, or for when that extra detail is needed. They allow for a higher degree of control and are better suited for creating angular lines – ideal for extra detailed drawings or writing in smaller spaces.

Their fine size does make them slightly weaker than medium or broad nibs, however, so they’re best suited for pupils in KS3 and above.

Medium tip pens are ideal for users of any age. Their larger tip makes them better for those with average-sized handwriting, and they’re less prone to damage under pressure so can be safely used with less-experienced users. Since they produce a thicker line, they’re great for writing large letters that can be read from every corner of the room.

Their chunky nib makes them more durable, too – though all Show-me pens feature nib stop and hard, anti-splay tips to prolong their life.

Medium tip pens may be too big for specific tasks, such as making annotations or producing larger pieces of text. We recommend stocking up on both fine and medium tip drywipe pens to ensure you always have the best pen for the task at hand!

Chisel Tip Pens

The humble chisel tip isn’t currently available in the Show-me range, they’re most commonly found on flipchart pens. Their angled tip allows for a wider range of line thicknesses, but they can be troublesome and create uneven lines.

The asymmetric tip can make for an awkward writing experience, so these pens are best suited for more experienced users. Although, we would recommend using a standard bullet tip to ensure the writing you create is clear, consistent, and easy to read.