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Introducing the all new StayClean Surface

There’s never been a better time to buy Show-me boards!

Over 4 years of development and more than £250,000 of investment has taken Show-me Original mini whiteboards to another level.

While they have quietly become an unsung hero in just about every school, the Show-me development team have been squirrelling away to make them even better.

We asked them to make sure the following happened;

  1. Vastly improve the surface, the current board was good but could be a lot better
  2. Make sure the board was still 100% recyclable
  3. Keep production in the UK
  4. Make both sides of the board have the same excellent surface

It’s not been easy and it’s taken 56 prototypes, 2491 miles across the UK, an uncountable number of McDonalds visits and large doses of scientificness to get here but the team has done us proud.

Here’s what they’ve managed to concoct.

Vastly improved erasability

The StayClean surface is carefully formulated with a hard outer layer which ink will wipe away from easier than ever.


Matte surface lets you see everyone’s answers from the front without those annoying reflections.

Super flexible

Virtually indestructible, your pupils can flex the boards as much as they want and they’ll never snap or crease, unlike the regular MDF or PVC whiteboards.

Antimicrobial ingredient

Antimicrobial coating inhibits bacteria growth for the lifespan of the board.

We don’t fully understand the detail but apparently something called silver ions bind to the cell wall of bacteria which disrupts their growth, and interrupts their DNA preventing replication!

Basically bad news if you happen to be a bacteria.

The protection lasts for the lifetime of the board and never ‘runs out’.

100% recyclable

Made from highly recyclable Polypropylene Show-me boards can be recycled in your usual recycling bin unlike almost all other whiteboards.

Made in the UK

Not just made in the UK but made in a pretty impressive, super modern, low energy factory that hates waste.

2 Year Guarantee!

Because we’re so confident in the new StayClean surface you now get a 2 year guarantee with any Show-me boards with the StayClean icon.

There are no faffy Ts and Cs, you basically just have to maintain your boards properly and we guarantee they’ll be just fine after 2 years of use.

You do have to register which only takes a couple of mins, and when you buy a Classpack or Bulk Box you get everything you need to use and clean your boards right from the word go so no excuses ;).

If you want to see the Ts and Cs or to sign up after purchase click here.

What do other people think?

But that’s enough talking from us. We sent 10 schools a Classpack to hear their thoughts (none of them knew what we wanted feedback on).

Here’s their unedited words.