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Is Drywipe Ink Safe for your Skin?

Whiteboards and drywipe pens are an essential resource in classrooms, offices, and lecture halls around the world. They’re great for conveying information, brainstorming, note-taking, lectures, presentations and more.

Using drywipe pens has so many benefits; mistakes can easily be wiped away, meetings won’t grind to a sudden halt when technology lets you down, and information can clearly be read from across the room. Ideal for waiting rooms and large lecture halls!

But are they safe for your skin?

The Odour

Drywipe pens are classed as non-toxic as there aren’t enough chemical compounds to pose any real health risk. They will usually wash off skin with warm water and soap.

One of the first things users may notice about drywipe pens is their odour. This is unavoidable; as the pen is being used the solvent evaporates into the air, causing the odour. This may cause headaches and dizziness.

A lot of pens now use less harsh solvents, which effectively transport the ink pigment to the surface without the harsh smell, but there will still be a faint odour.

With general usage this is not harmful to your health, however, a well-ventilated room is recommended and it’s best to avoid excessive usage.

Ink Residue

Drywipe pens erase from whiteboards easily due to the type of pigment polymer used. They tend to have oilier silicon-based polymer pigments, that sit on top of non-porous surfaces where water can’t be absorbed.

Be careful – they can absorb into porous materials such as clothing. If this happens, check out our blog post here.

Ink residue may be left on the board, eraser or your skin after usage, and this can cause skin irritation or redness in some users.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember to wash your hands after using a drywipe pen. If you don’t, you risk getting the tiny particles of ink residue into your eyes or accidentally ingesting them when you eat.