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Launch of the Show Me Basic Range

‘Unprecedented deficits will force heads to make catastrophic cuts’, NAHT warns.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has advised that spend-per-pupil is set to reach new lows in the coming years. It is predicted that 2025 rates will fall lower than those of 2010 due to the rising costs of food, energy and wage bills.

There are testing times ahead for educational professionals

It is a worrying time for educational institutions, particularly with the burden of deficits and cuts to educational provision. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that any positive change will resurface until as far ahead as 2030.

The looming fear of sub-standard resources for long term academy plans and the essential mental health support fails to sit well with educational professionals. Equally, wage increases for teachers are likely to remain non-existent, which simply adds insult to injury.

Sadly, it doesn’t bode well for pupils, either. A lack of necessary resources at the learning stage can wreak havoc on young learners and carry long-term consequences for both personal development and mental health.

Learning how to balance the budget

Balancing the budget isn’t easy for any school. During these difficult times of austerity, cuts, and national debt, schools are often the leading support network for families and pupils. However, when resources are lacking, it can be an almost impossible task.

We truly understand these dire consequences. We’re also fully aware that in order to survive this taxing period, it all boils down to stretching your available budgets as far as you possibly can.

All hope is not lost. There are helpful ways of cutting back without the need for unpleasant ramifications.

In fact, it is for this very reason that we decided to produce our new basic range of whiteboards for schools.

Welcome to the Show Me basic range

As always, our aim is to ensure that children are offered the best educational support from Show Me. We’re also sympathetic to the financial restrictions that schools are facing. As a result, we give a great deal of thought to the products that we choose to share with our customers.

Our new basic range aims to provide a useful aid for limited budgets.

The new Basics range is a fuss-free whiteboard range. Each whiteboard has a reliable tear-resistant, drywipe surface, but packaging and branding has been kept to a minimum to reduce costs for schools.

Available in packs of 30 or 100 and in plain, lined or gridded.

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Whiteboards are an excellent solution to cost-cutting

Back in 1999 when numeracy and literacy hours were introduced into schools, we realised that there was a key requirement for pupils to practice daily skills without the use of excess paper.

It was then that we launched mini-whiteboards as a cost-effective means of learning.

Whiteboards are an optimal way of limiting resources such as notepads and exercise books. They also have heaps of additional benefits, including:

  • Better student engagement
  • Improved visual assessment for teachers
  • Easy storage
  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable

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