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A3 Periodic Table Whiteboards, Pack 5 Sets


A3 Periodic Table Whiteboards, Pack 5 Sets

Learn the location and chemical symbol for the elements on the Periodic Table and group them based on their properties with these periodic table Show-me boards.

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Use instead of endless sheets of paper, or space in exercise books - think about how much budget you could save, let alone the number of trees!

The A3 size is great for encouraging collaboration and group work amongst pupils.

This small pack contains 5 each of the boards and mini foam erasers, and 10 assorted colour drywipe pens, as well as a FREE Teachers' Resources Booklet packed full of ideas, tips and games to help you make the most of your new Show-me Boards.

mini whiteboards recycling scheme

All Show-me original boards made since 2014 are made from 100% recyclable plastic, unlike cheaper PVC alternatives, helping you minimise your school’s impact on the environment.

We are also trialling a mini whiteboards recycling scheme, which is due to go live in 2022. You can sign up to be notified when the scheme goes live – click below to sign up.

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Every Classpack and Bulk Box comes supplied with a free Teachers’ Resources Booklet, which is packed full of activities to help you get started with your new Show-me Boards. It also contains useful hints and tips to get the best from your boards, drywipe pens and erasers, and information about the different types of board surface available.

Classpacks and Bulk Boxes also contain other free gifts which change regularly. We can’t say much, but it might include some liquid gold…


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