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Microplastics-free Cleaning Cloth

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Microplastics-free Cleaning Cloth

Carefully designed using bio-based materials which is things like wood pulp and plant fibres to create a durable cloth which is kinder to our environment than polymer based microfibre of which the majority is shipped across the world from the far east.

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This range of bio-based cleaning cloths are multi-use and multi-purpose for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Made in Germany and boasts TÜV 'OK biobased' Certification, so you can buy with confidence.

Available in a retail pack of 10 cloths or a bulk carton of 90 cloths

The Microplastics problem

Microplastics have become a growing problem in our rivers and oceans, with tiny plastic particles now found in everything from sea salt to seafood.

Every time a microfibre cloth is washed it releases microplastics into our water system which ultimately ends up in our waterways.

When these particles are consumed they can cause Plasticosis which is a form of fibrotic scarring that is caused by small pieces of plastic which inflame the digestive tract.

We must all find small ways we can make a difference. You can add another item to your list with this plastic free cloth.

4-Step Cleaning System

1. First use one of our many erasers to remove any ink from the surface
2. Then use a cleaner, we recommend our WCE500, on any light stains and marks
3. Magix should be used next to remove stubborn stains and permanent marker
4. Repeat step 3, using Magix again for a brilliant, conditioned board