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Whiteboards on a roll

When adding whiteboards to your personal and work life, you’re likely to find that there are plenty of mobile and wall-mounted whiteboards. But have you considered that there is another option?

Whiteboards on a roll

By using a whiteboard on a roll you can; speed up the delivery time, reduce storage needs, and decrease the installation costs & time. All while giving you a drywipe surface that can be used for a long time.

Don’t need a new whiteboard? Maybe our resurfacing options are what you need. These can be applied over the full surface to bring it back to life, or as a smaller section to add additional designs to a much larger whiteboard.

To find out more about the sizes available as well as the design options, follow the links below.


With a special adhesive these repositionable whiteboards can be easily put up, moved and taken down many times.

Available in 3 sizes over 3 designs


These whiteboards are ideal for quick meetings, collaboration sessions or off-site training, without the need to throw them away afterwards.

Sizes: A2, A1 and 120x90cm


Even the best mobile and wall-mounted whiteboards have a surface life. Now there’s no need to replace, just resurface!

Plain, Lined or Gridded in multiple sizes

Longer-lasting surfaces require care

So, we created the 4-Step Cleaning System to guide you through the products required to keep your whiteboard surfaces in tip-top shape for years to come.

Starting with the right drywipe eraser before moving on to a targeted cleaner, sometimes followed by a conditioning layer, makes using a whiteboard look and feel more smooth.

Are you looking for mini whiteboards instead?

Show-me mini whiteboards are one of the most popular branded whiteboards in the UK as well as being sold globally.

From A5 and A4 SUPERTOUGH to A4 and A3 flexible, we have designs to suit all needs. All of our mini whiteboards, including the Propeller Rapid Recall Boards, are 100% recyclable and part of our free send back recycling scheme*.

See if our mini whiteboards are perfect for you.