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Drywipe Erasers: Is Foam Good for my Whiteboards?

How does a foam eraser clean a whiteboard?

Firstly, we need to understand how drywipe ink works. Drywipe ink contains ink pigment suspended in silicone carried by solvents. As the pen is being used, the solvent evaporates. The ink pigment is left in the silicone as a powder on the board.

Foam erasers are effective at cleaning because the eraser acts like a brush and sweeps the dust to the side and off the surface. This means that for mini-whiteboards there can be a build-up of dust around the board and on the table surface that needs to be cleaned.

Are foam erasers all the same?

By looks this can seem to be the case, however, the grade of foam you are using makes a difference.

Softer foam erasers tend to offer resistance and stick to the whiteboard surface, making cleaning more difficult than it needs to be.

Firmer foams do not do this, making cleaning a breeze!

There is a sweet spot between soft and hard foams that gives the correct level of cleaning power.

Can I use a whiteboard cleaner with my foam eraser?

You shouldn’t use a liquid cleaner with your foam eraser. As the foam isn’t absorbent, the eraser can become saturated and will stay wet for much longer and can cause smudges.

The cell structure of a foam eraser is slightly open, so the cleaner can get inside the foam and put the liquid back onto the board (even if you think it has fully dried out!)

Top Tip: Whether you’re using foam or felt to clean your whiteboard, do not add any liquid!

What is the best way to use a mini foam eraser?

As with all erasers, you need to wait for the ink to fully dry before erasing. This allows the solvent to evaporate. If you try to clean the board when the ink is still wet, you will smudge the ink around the board.

The aerated nature of foam erasers means that they clean dried ink with very little need for high pressure or scrubbing. Simply wipe over the board surface to remove the ink.

Top Tip: Wait for the ink to dry before erasing, this gives the solvent time to evaporate

I’ve used a foam eraser, but my board is still dirty – what should I do?

If you’ve cleaned your board but some ghosting or smudging is left behind, we recommend trying a standard whiteboard cleaner and a paper-based tissue.

If this doesn’t work, you can give MAGIX a try. Find out more in our blog post>>