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How to Make Whiteboards Last Longer

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Find out how to make your whiteboards last longer with the correct cleaning and maintenance. Read the full article >

Why Show-me Boards are made from PP not PVC

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Find out why Show-me whiteboards are made from PP not PVC and why you should care. Read the full article >

Whiteboard Ghosting

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What is whiteboard ghosting, why does it happen and how to prevent it. Read the full article >

Five Ideas for Practising Using Nouns and Determiners

For Parents For Parents For Teachers For Teachers

The current Primary Curriculum puts a detailed knowledge of English grammar high on the list of skills that schools, curriculums and exams expect children... Read the full article >

Rapid Recall Whiteboard: Julia’s Testimonial

For Teachers For Teachers

Find out what Julia, a local headteacher, thought of the Propeller Rapid Recall Boards. Read the full article >

Five Ways to use the Rapid Recall Boards

For Teachers For Teachers

Five ways to use the Propeller Rapid Recall Boards Read the full article >

What Does Fluency in Maths Mean?

For Teachers For Teachers

What did fluency mean to me? When fluency was first discussed as one of the three main aims of the National Curriculum for mathematics... Read the full article >

Looking After your Drywipe Pens

Drywipe Markers Drywipe Markers

Keep your drywipe pens ready to go using our handy tips. Read the full article >

DIY Whiteboards

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How to make your own DIY Whiteboard. Read the full article >