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Medium Tip Assorted Student Whiteboard Pens

Medium Tip Assorted Student Whiteboard Pens

The student’s favourite whiteboard markers.

Each part of the Show-me student pen has usability and safety in mind;

✓ Low odour, xylene-free ink.
✓ Komfigrip slim barrel perfect size for small hands.
✓ Clever nib stop prevents the tip being pushed into the barrel.
✓ Air flow caps prevent harm if swallowed.
✓ Bold ink which wipes away every time.
✓ Massive 72-hour cap-off time.

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Designed for Schools

Carefully designed for small hands in the busy classroom, and you'll find them in thousands of classrooms, from Iceland to New Zealand and everywhere in between.

Slim barrel with easy fit lid that's easy for children to use, extra-hard nib that won't easily splay out and a clever nib-stop that prevents the tip from being pushed into the barrel.

Available in various pack sizes from 10 - 200.

FREE with all Classpacks and Bulk Boxes

When you buy Original Show-me mini whiteboards you'll get a free pen and eraser with every board.

Green or Blue?

BLUE = FINE TIP - Average Line Thickness of 1.2mm
GREEN = MEDIUM TIP - Average Line Thickness of 2mm

10 Scrumptious Colours

A colourful alternative to standard Show-me Whiteboard Pens, which will brighten up your whiteboards.

• Purple, Green, Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, Pink, Light Blue
• All the same benefits as the black ink Show-me Pens
• Available in Fine and Medium Tip

Put to the test

After several stages of testing, in the lab, we have found that the optimum barrel size for a drywipe marker sits between 12-14mm, where the term 'slim barrel' is typically used.

This size is closer to the ergonomics of a pencil in a grip, a dedicated grip zone on a comfy writing pen, as well as digital artists that use pen tablets for most of the day, while not too far apart that you start straying into the realms of 'chunky'.

All Show-me drywipe markers use a 13mm KOMFIGRIP barrel, which sits in the sweet spot for the most common uses of drywipe markers.

Any way up?

We tested many pens to find the best and most effective, way to store your whiteboard pens.

Does it matter?
Yes, but maybe not as much as the overall quality of the marker itself. All we can say for certain is to store your pens horizontally – that way the ink won’t pool at either end, avoiding any flooding or drying out.

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