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Medium Tip Teacher Markers

Medium Tip Teacher Markers

These ‘TEACHER’ markers are ideal for teacher use in the classroom, and for office use in a variety of settings.

They feature many benefits including 24 hour cap-off time, low odour, ventilated caps and more.

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Show-me Teacher markers are ideal for teacher use in the classroom.

The chunkier barrels are ideal for adult use and ‘TEACHER’ is clearly marked on the side of every barrel.
Each pen has a bullet tip and optimum safety in mind.

Teacher Whiteboard Markers

• Full-sized drywipe pens with bullet tips
• 24-hour cap-off time to prevent drying out
• TEACHER clearly marked on the side of each barrel
• Safety optimised with xylene-free, low odour ink and ventilated caps


Teacher Marker Features


Drywipe pens are great for use in public sector organisations, office settings, call centres, retail and even home offices. Use in meetings, to keep track of to-do lists, shopping lists, important messages and more…