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Refillable Whiteboard Pen

Refilling Show-me drywipe markers with an improved solution for existing products

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Introducing the MK10 insert for the Edding BTK25 inkwell. This enables you to use it with the Show-me slim barrel drywipe pens Read the full article >

Show-me Drywipe Markers are Refillable

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Make your existing Show-me drywipe markers live-on by refilling them Read the full article >

What does capillary action have to do with drywipe markers?

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How does a drywipe marker work and what has it got to do with capillary action? Read the full article >

We’ve designed a 3D printable support stand for refilling drywipe markers!

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Refill the Show-me drywipe pens easily when using our 3D printable support stand Read the full article >