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Why Buy a Classpack from Show-me?

We’ve all been there. Your mini whiteboards are no longer sparkling white and it’s getting hard to read whatever’s written on them. Even after using a dedicated whiteboard cleaner and/or extra-strength options, things just aren’t looking better. Time for some new whiteboards!

Whilst browsing the internet or your favourite supplier’s catalogue, you may notice that Show-me is the only* brand to provide mini whiteboards, drywipe markers, and erasers in a single pack.

We call these our classpacks and bulk boxes.

What’s Included in a Classpack or Bulk Box?

Show-me classpacks contain 35 mini whiteboards in your chosen design, 35 mini foam erasers, and 35 Show-me drywipe markers.

We offer packs of 35 as that covers the size of a typical UK class (25-30), with a few spares for when they get sent home (and don’t make it back!) or they are lost under or behind furniture (or chopped up with scissors, we know what children are like).

Show-me bulk boxes contain 100 mini whiteboards, 100 mini foam erasers, and 100 Show-me drywipe markers. This makes them ideal for kitting out several classes, an entire department or just filling the store cupboard up.

In all kits mentioned we also include a couple of free gifts to complement your new pack and keep them looking gleaming for a long time. This may include a bottle of “liquid gold”…

What are the Benefits of a Classpack or Bulk Box?

You may feel that quality, mini whiteboards are already an expensive investment for your school. So why buy a pack with all the accessories included, too?

Hit the Ground Running


We all love receiving a parcel with brand-spanking new resources to use, but nothing’s more frustrating than having to wait before you can use your new kit.

Our classpacks and bulk boxes contain everything you need to start using the mini whiteboards in the box.

No need to wait for additional deliveries, or scramble trying to find drywipe markers! Because even if you do find some spare drywipe markers, will they work?

Get the Best Experience

Quality whiteboards benefit from quality accessories, such as drywipe markers to help them last longer. To get the best experience possible find out more in our blog here>>

We include drywipe markers and mini foam erasers in every pack so you can take care of your new boards from day one, and extend their lifespan and your investment!

Our Research and Development department has found that some materials used by cheaper brands actually damage the board surface. Some drywipe markers may have nibs with harder fibres that actually scratch the board surface. Some may use heavier, less desirable pigments, that can stain the board much quicker.

The B Word…

Budget will always be a factor when investing in new resources. Whether it’s a small investment like a supply of pencils, or a larger investment like mini whiteboards, we all want to get real value for money.

Purchasing everything you need in a single order is more cost-effective than buying from multiple shops or suppliers. Not only will you free up time to spend on the tasks that really matter, but you can also avoid multiple admin and delivery fees.

It’s also easy to think that getting a cheaper mini whiteboard is cost-effective, but when you’re getting a resource that will last you years it’s better for your budget and the environment to spend a little more.


Focus on teaching and not chasing your requests by asking for everything you need in a single pack.

Joanne on Reception will thank you when she doesn’t have multiple deliveries to process!

All Show-me classpacks and bulk boxes are supplied in packaging designed for easy classroom storage, so you can keep your resources together in one place. No need to waste important lesson time hunting for those last few drywipe markers!

Environmental Impact

If you’re choosing mini whiteboards over paper, then you’re already making a better choice for the environment.

The longevity, durability and reusability quickly outweigh the benefits of paper-based resources.

You can feel even better when buying a Show-me classpack or bulk box.

Having one delivery instead of multiple will reduce the number of vans on the road, the amount of unnecessary packaging used, and your school’s environmental impact.

We want to avoid plastic whiteboards ending up in landfill.

If your boards can’t be revived (see MAGIX blog post here>>) why not recycle them with Show-me?

Find out more about the Show-me recycling scheme, and register your interest, here>>

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