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Looking to make sustainable choices this school year?

Making more sustainable choices is likely on your radar, with cuts to school funding and climate awareness, the pressure to keep costs down and look after the planet is increasing.

But with everything else going on, how can teachers and educators find time to add yet another task to their enormous list of responsibilities and worries?

At Show-me, we’re always thinking of ways to improve our products to make your life easier and to help you make the right choices for the environment and your classroom budget.

Use less paper

As useful as exercise books can be, it’s easy for students to quickly work their way through them, crossing out mistakes and writing again as they go. Quickly the cost can add up as more and more exercise books are required for students to get through the year.

With Show-me mini white boards students can simply rub out mistakes and try again without the worry of using endless sheets of paper or space in exercise books. Excellent for repeated practice before putting pen to paper. For example, instead of using up a whole book practicing handwriting again and again, why not provide students with our purpose made handwriting white boards?

Our classroom whiteboards are also ideal for writing down quick answers, creating mind maps or drawing diagrams.

Show-me mini white boards are also much cheaper than electronic tablets and don’t need charging, this saves on the energy bill and helps to reduce screen time!

With the right whiteboard pens you can make further savings:

  • Show-me student whiteboard pens are designed to last, with a 72-hour cap-off time
  • They are created with an extra-hard nib that won’t easily splay out
  • The clever nib-stop prevents the tip from being pushed into the barrel by little hands
  • They come with a high capacity ink reservoir

These design features mean Show-me whiteboard pens last longer, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing them.

Colourful Show-me whiteboard markers

Improve Learning

Whiteboards are a great way to supplement learning. Ideal for fun quizzes and games to gauge your pupils’ knowledge – whiteboards are better than a book or sheets of paper for holding up to show the answer.

Our whiteboards are a better option for outdoor lessons and activities, with durable and super tough finishes you don’t need to worry about them getting destroyed and replaced.

Take a look at our guide to outdoor learning for inspiration HERE.

Whiteboards are also beneficial for encouraging a learning mindset. Instead of seeing lots of permanent crossing out of wrong answers, students can simply erase their mistake and make the correction instantly.

Drawing on whiteboard

Recycling Your Old Whiteboards

At Show-me we’ve been creating products with sustainability in mind for a long time already. Not only are mini whiteboards an environmentally friendly method to gauge understanding without using endless reams of paper but Show-me boards are also 100% recyclable!

To ensure less whiteboards end up in landfill sites, we’ve introduced a mini whiteboard recycling scheme.

Our free ‘send-back’ scheme recycles mini whiteboards, whiteboard pens and whiteboard erasers. All you need to do is follow the instructions HERE to fill in the form and send the items through our collection service. Job done!

Our whiteboards are an ideal option as schools make changes to be more environmentally friendly in line with the Department for Education’s (DfE) new climate strategy. The DfE have outlined their plans to “eradicate single-use plastics and encourage the use of reusable and recyclable materials in schools and encourage all other education settings to match this target” by 2025. Learn more about the DfE’s sustainability and climate strategy HERE.

Refillable Whiteboard Cleaner

Longevity is an important aspect of sustainability, and effective cleaning is the best way to help your whiteboards go the distance.

So many teachers are fed up with scratched and stained student whiteboards, but don’t have the time, energy or money to sort them out. This mostly means the boards tend to stay dirty, getting less and less usable until they are replaced (again).

Use the right cleaner to make sure your board doesn’t turn into a smeary mess. Learn how to make your whiteboards last longer to save you money HERE.

Or go one step further and make the switch to a refillable whiteboard cleaner. Instead of shipping liquids around the world and wasting piles of bottles, you can now get a durable trigger spray bottle and a small but potent sachet containing whiteboard cleaning goodness.

Try before you buy with a Show-me sample pack.

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