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Going Green: The WCE500 Story

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Find out how and why we made our whiteboard cleaner green-er! Read the full article >

Cleaning Whiteboards: Is it a Task for Robots?

Cleaners Cleaners

We investigated if a machine could effectively clean a whiteboard. Read the full article >

Drywipe Markers: Why so Chunky?

Drywipe Pens Drywipe Pens Inspiration Inspiration

We've done extensive testing to find out the ideal barrel diameter. Read the full article >

Show-me MAGIX and Whiteboard Cleaners

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Find out more about Show-me's cleaning range in this blog post. Read the full article >

Why Buy a Classpack from Show-me?

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Find out more about Show-me classpacks and bulk boxes. Read the full article >

PP vs PVC Whiteboards

Environmental Environmental

Find out why Show-me boards are made from PP and not from PVC. Read the full article >

Are MDF whiteboards good for the environment?

Environmental Environmental

What is MDF and what is it's impact on the environment? Read the full article >

Recycling your old whiteboards

Recycling Recycling

Recycling allows you to do your part in creating a better environment. It’s an essential activity in your day, right? The same goes for us.... Read the full article >

Removing permanent marker from whiteboards

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Try these methods to remove permanent marker from your whiteboard, Read the full article >

Whiteboard Care Guide

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Download our free whiteboard care and maintenance poster for your classroom. Read the full article >

Mini Whiteboards in the Classroom

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Here are just some of the reasons you should invest in mini whiteboards for the classroom. Read the full article >

How to Use MAGIX

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MAGIX can be used on all wall-mounted and mini whiteboards. Read the full article >

How to Remove Drywipe Ink from Clothing

Drywipe Pens Drywipe Pens

Try these methods to remove drywipe ink from clothing. Read the full article >

How to Make Whiteboards Last Longer

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Find out how to make your whiteboards last longer with the correct cleaning and maintenance. Read the full article >

Why Show-me Boards are not made from PVC

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Find out more about how Show-me boards are manufactured. Read the full article >

Original vs SUPERTOUGH vs MDF Mini Whiteboards

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What is the difference between original, SUPERTOUGH and MDF mini whiteboards? Read the full article >

Whiteboard Ghosting

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What is whiteboard ghosting and how does it occur? Read the full article >

Looking After your Drywipe Pens

Drywipe Pens Drywipe Pens

Keep your drywipe pens ready to go using our handy tips. Read the full article >

DIY Whiteboards

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How to make your own DIY Whiteboard. Read the full article >