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Show-me MAGIX and Whiteboard Cleaners

Whiteboards are an essential resource in classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms around the world. They’re great for increasing engagement and interaction, so it’s important to keep them clean and always ready to go.

But what’s the difference between a standard whiteboard cleaner and Show-me MAGIX?

Show-me Whiteboard Cleaner

Show-me whiteboard cleaner is a mild cleaner that removes drywipe ink from all drywipe surfaces. Due to its mild formula, it is safe for children to use under supervision.

This whiteboard cleaner has been specially formulated to remove everyday dirt and minor staining from whiteboards of any size.

We recommend Show-me whiteboard cleaner for regular use to keep the whiteboard surfaces clean and ready to use. By regular, we would say every 10 days at least, but cleaning your whiteboards at the end of every working week would ensure you don’t waste any time on a Monday morning!

Show-me MAGIX

Show-me MAGIX is different because it’s an extra-strength renovator and conditioner. Therefore it’s best used when you need to remove stubborn stains and permanent marker.

Due to its ingredients, it’s not suitable for use by children and should be used in a well-ventilated area.

MAGIX is two products in one and is not designed to be an everyday cleaner. The cleaner effortlessly removes ghosting, staining, ballpoint pens and even permanent marker. The conditioner adds a conditioning microfilm layer to the board surface which improves erasability and gives a smoother writing experience.

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