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What is the best whiteboard eraser?

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The Show-me Lab has investigated the different types of whiteboard eraser. Read the full article >

Taking Learning out of the Classroom

Boards Boards For Teachers For Teachers Inspiration Inspiration

Learn how spending time outside can also boost energy, enhance mood and improve lesson engagement. Read the full article >

Cleaning Whiteboards: Is it a Task for Robots?

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We investigated if a machine could effectively clean a whiteboard. Read the full article >

Drywipe Markers: Why so Chunky?

Drywipe Markers Drywipe Markers Inspiration Inspiration

We've done extensive testing to find out the ideal barrel diameter. Read the full article >

Show-me MAGIX & Step 2 Whiteboard Cleaner what’s the difference?

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Find out the difference and why using MAGIX for routine cleaning might not be the best plan. Read the full article >

Recycling your old whiteboards

Recycling Recycling

Recycling allows you to do your part in creating a better environment. It’s an essential activity in your day, right? The same goes for us.... Read the full article >

Removing permanent marker from whiteboards

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Try these methods to remove permanent marker from your whiteboard. Read the full article >

What is Show-me Magix and how to use it?

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MAGIX can be used on all mini whiteboards as well as wall mounted. Read the full article >

How to Remove Drywipe Ink from Clothing

Drywipe Markers Drywipe Markers

Try these methods to remove drywipe ink from clothing. Read the full article >

How to Make Whiteboards Last Longer

Boards Boards

Find out how to make your whiteboards last longer with the correct cleaning and maintenance. Read the full article >

What Does my Child Learn in Primary School?

For Parents For Parents

Read our quick guide to understanding what your child is learning in primary school. Read the full article >